Types of Nursing Home Abuse Explained by a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

older hand on wheelchair tampa nursing home abuse attorney

Your Tampa nursing home abuse attorney will tell you that abuse in senior care facilities is very serious and far too common. Nursing home abuse is broken down into several categories, each of which carries different symptoms and considerations.

Categories of Nursing Home Abuse

The basic categories of abuse in senior homes are as follows:

Proving that a loved one has been a victim of abuse, whether willfully or through negligence, can be challenging, and it is important to hire a Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer to assist.

Medical Malpractice and Elder Abuse

Certain injuries seniors suffer in nursing homes are considered professional negligence, which is tantamount to medical malpractice. Neglecting to provide medications that are prescribed, or giving them at the wrong times, is one example of such negligence. Many staff members in these homes are inadequately trained, and often nursing homes are not well-staffed, and this contributes to the problem. Your Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer will need to have a thorough understanding of Florida laws governing medical malpractice claims, including the statute of limitations and filing requirements. Elder abuse covers other forms of nursing home neglect and willful mistreatment. Patients may be malnourished, physically or sexually abused, threatened, pushed or struck, or in some other way abused in some homes.

Work with a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you believe that your loved one is a victim of abuse, it is very important that you seek help. Call a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney today at Giroux & Associates, Inc., to arrange a consultation at (727) 895-5399.