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St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorneyWe have only one area of practice. We limit our practice to cases against Nursing Homes and Hospitals. We only represent nursing home residents and hospital patients who have been neglected or abused. You Pay No Attorney’s Fees Or Costs Unless We Win. We do not represent insurance companies, corporations or other entities. Although our focus is on abuse and neglect cases, there are many forms of abuse and neglect that can occur in a nursing home or hospital. Some examples are:

I. Bedsores
II. Fractured Bones From Falls
III. Infections
IV. Malnutrition and Dehydration
V. Medication Errors
VI. Failure To Assist With ADLs
VII. Wandering and Elopement

Each of these types of abuse and neglect is explained in greater detail below.

I. Bedsores

Bedsores, also known as decubitus ulcers or pressure ulcers, should rarely occur. They are preventable. A bedsore is caused by lying on a bony area for long periods of time without turning and repositioning , causing a decrease in blood flow to that part of the skin, which in turn, causes the skin to break down. If a resident or patient develops a bedsore, it is usually because the nursing home or hospital failed to provide proper care. Proper care includes:

Turning and repositioning the patient every 2 hours. This is the industry standard. Turning and repositioning is especially important if the resident is bedridden and/or unable to turn and reposition herself. If so, the staff is supposed to turn and reposition the resident every 2 hours. The staff’s failure to do so can cause a resident to develop one or more serious bedsores. A bedsore can develop anywhere on the body, but they often occur on the tailbone, buttocks and heels. Tip: Whenever you are visiting with your loved one, see if anyone comes into the room to turn and reposition him.

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