A Pinellas County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Explains Why Nursing Home Abuse Happens

Pinellas County Nursing Home Abuse AttorneyNursing home abuse is a frighteningly common problem. Most people can’t imagine how such a thing is even possible. It is tempting to think that the only explanation is that there are a group of malicious people who secretly desire to abuse those under their care. But a Pinellas County nursing home abuse attorney will tell you that the reality is far more benign. Rather, the most common reason nursing home employees engage in abuse is that they simply do not view their behavior as abusive. This is still unacceptable, but it is not the same as targeted malicious behavior.

Warning Signs of Abuse

One common example seen by a Pinellas County nursing home abuse attorney is residents who have a habit of wetting the bed. This is very common among the elderly, and anyone should know that. However, some ignorant nursing home workers might not understand that and resent the fact that they have to clean up after the residents. They might even think the residents are doing it deliberately as an act of defiance.

Common Cause: Resentful Workers

Additionally, most nursing homes are for-profit and tend to hire underqualified or minimally-qualified workers. Many such workers are underpaid, as a Pinellas County nursing home abuse lawyer knows. They may resent their jobs and take out their frustrations on the residents. It is a cycle ripe for abuse.

What You Can Do

For more information on what you can do about nursing home abuse, contact an attorney from Giroux & Associates, Inc., at 727-895-5399.

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