Your Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Attorney Knows the Details of Vehicular Transport Injuries

tampa nursing home negligence attorney accident report with glassesAlthough many nursing homes take their residents out for shopping or other excursions, a Tampa nursing home negligence attorney can explain the dangers of such outings when certain precautions are not taken.

Modified Vehicles

Nursing homes often use vans or other modes of transportation that include wheelchair lifts. While new technology enhances safety features, many nursing homes fail to update their vehicles due to the additional expense. This may mean that nursing home residents get transported with lifts that are outdated. A Tampa attorney for nursing home neglect understands that residents may be using lifts that are not equipped with the necessary safety features of newer models. They may be prone to fail over time.

Inadequate Staff

Another potential problem is that staff may not be properly trained to use mobility devices. High turnover rates continue to be a problem that plague nursing homes, so training for using these devices may be incomplete or inadequate. Even if the staff knows how to operate the devices correctly, a driver may drive in a negligent manner and cause an accident. These types of vehicles that have modifications are usually more difficult to drive than smaller vehicles.

Legal Assistance from Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

If you would like to learn more about potential causes of nursing home injury cases from a Tampa nursing home negligence attorney , contact Giroux & Associates Inc. by calling (727) 895-5399 at your convenience.

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