Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

St Petersburg nursing home abuse attorneys Physical abuse in nursing facilities is more common than one might think. Every year, more than 1,000 citations are issued to nursing homes for keeping workers on the staff with histories of abuse. Many incidents go unreported. Make sure that your loved one is not suffering physical abuse, and, if she is, call St Petersburg nursing home abuse attorneys right away.

Causes of Physical Abuse and What to Look For

Your St Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyers will tell you that facility staff often does not receive adequate training and supervision. Nurses and other workers can find the job difficult and frustrating. Couple this with the fact that the pay is low and it is clear why a person who is prone to violence may abuse a resident. Hitting, slapping, pinching, squeezing and pushing are common occurrences in facilities. Residents are often afraid to report physical abuse because they fear retribution from staff.

Physical abuse does not always come at the hands of staff, however. Some nursing home residents have mental impairments that make them more prone to violence. Others are not accustomed to living with others. If they are placed in the facility against their will, they may lash out at other residents.

Your St Petersburg nursing home abuse attorneys can attest that physical abuse is usually relatively easy to prove because of the evidence it leaves in the form of bruises, broken bones and lacerations. Staff will likely try to deny allegations and suggest other causes of any such marks.

When You Believe Your Loved One Is a Victim of Physical Abuse

It is very important that you notify authorities of any abuse you become aware of. Also, you may find it in your best interests to hire St Petersburg nursing home abuse attorneys if your loved one has been hurt. Call Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399.

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