Nursing Home Negligence Attorney Discusses Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Negligence Attorney man in wheelchairA Tampa nursing home negligence attorney can explain that there are many forms of elder abuse. By being aware of this information, you can help recognize the signs of elder abuse and protect your loved ones.

Protective Plan

A Tampa nursing home negligence attorney can explain that there are three basic steps that you must take in dealing with nursing home abuse. The first is to listen to elderly relatives and their caregivers. Then, report the abuse so that it can be stopped quickly. Finally, educate other individuals about the signs of elder abuse so future abuse can be prevented or eradicated.

Steps for Loved Ones

A Tampa nursing home negligence attorney can explain that it is important for loved ones to recognize the signs of elder abuse. This includes physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. One way to recognize elder abuse is to check if your relative’s medication is correct. The amount left in the bottle should be close in proportion to the date and daily usage of the prescription. Review bank statements and credit card statements for any unauthorized use. One important way to prevent elder abuse is to check in periodically on the elderly relative. This way, you can spot any bruises, bed sores or other physical or emotional indications of abuse.


Elderly individuals can also take steps to prevent elder abuse. For example, they can ask for professional help to organize their financial and legal matters. Setting up a power of attorney who is a trusted friend or relative can make an elderly person less vulnerable. Another important step is for the elderly individual to communicate with loved ones. While they may feel like they do not want to be a burden, it is important for elderly individuals to keep the lines of communication open. They should tell family or friends about any behavior on their caretaker’s part that may be abusive. Additionally, they should maintain close contact with friends and family to avoid being isolated. It is much easier for a caretaker to abuse an elderly individual who has no outside contacts from the nursing home over one who does.

Report Abuse

If you see elder abuse or suspect that it is going on, it is important that you report this information. Tell the elderly individual’s loved one, doctor, or friend. The elderly often do not report abuse because they are afraid of retribution or isolation. Various agencies also handle reports of elder abuse and can be contacted by the elderly individual, another caretaker or a loved one who witnesses or suspects such abuse. A personal injury attorney can help guide you in how to report elder abuse. He or she can also discuss how to recover the damages that a malicious caretaker caused.

Legal Assistance from a Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

If you would like more information on spotting elder abuse and how to report it, contact a Tampa nursing home negligence attorney from Giroux & Associates Inc. Call us today at (727) 895-5399 to set up a confidential case evaluation.


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