A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer on Nursing Home Restraint Injuries

Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer A Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer can explain that the two primary causes for restraint injuries at a nursing home occur when restraints are not used when required to, or restraints are used when they should not be used. The second cause is more common, but both oversights can lead to serious injuries.

A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Discusses Proper Use of Restraints

Restraints in a nursing home are sometimes necessary to protect elderly residents and improve their quality of life. Railings can keep a resident from falling off the bed and straps or seatbelts can secure a resident on a wheelchair or walker.

If a resident suffers from dementia or is known to hit other people, the nursing home may have to place the individual under physical restraints to protect the other residents’ safety. Physical restraints are usually proper in all situations concerning public safety.

A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Shows Improper Uses of Restraints

Unfortunately, nursing home staff will often use restraints on residents as punishment or to lighten their responsibilities. Overworked nursing employees will occasionally strap any resident into a bed as a way to keep them out of general trouble and decrease checkups.

Alternatives to Restraints

Many situations that seemingly require a restraint can be better served in other ways. Lower beds will reduce the risk of fall injuries, and bed alarms can alert nursing home workers when a resident might be wandering around.

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