What Does Elder Abuse Look Like?

Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer
Many elderly people are abused by the individuals in facilities that are responsible for their care. Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms, including:

  • Physical abuse including broken bones and other physical violence;
  • Emotional abuse including bullying and intimidation;
  • Financial abuse including theft and fraud; and
  • Neglect including falls and treatment below the standard of care.

The list above is not exhaustive. If you have noticed or experienced any of the above, contact a Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer today; it could mean the difference between life and death.

Broken Bones Could Be a Sign of Serious Danger
Broken bones are often the sign of neglect due to a fall or the sign of serious physical abuse and violence. If you or your loved one has suffered a broken bone, don’t speculate about whether it was an accident. Even an accident could result in either civil or criminal liability on the part of the facility. Broken bones are serious business. The next injury could result in death. Call a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney before it is too late.

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney If You Have Questions About Who Is at Fault
Often those who do not have a voice are the first to be targeted for physical violence; this includes the weak or those suffering from a mental disability like dementia. Unfortunately, the outspoken elderly are also targeted. Don’t make assumptions about who is at fault. Get help if you suspect abuse. Nursing home abuse often goes unreported because people are afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation. If you are feeling intimidated or frighted for any reason, you need to call a Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer today. Our consultations are confidential, and we are not afraid to fight for our clients.

Call a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Today
If your elderly loved one has suffered a broken bone, sprain or bruise and you suspect that it is the result of abuse, you need an advocate. Call attorney Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399. Don’t wait.

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