Understanding How to Pursue Legal Action Against a Nursing Home With a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Tampa nursing home abuse lawyerIf you suspect your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect while staying in a nursing home, a Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer can explain your options for holding them accountable. You may be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

Evaluating Your Case
If you have concerns that your loved one suffered injury while staying in a nursing home, make an appointment with a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney to discuss it. Your attorney can educate you on the legal standards applied to nursing homes and nursing home staff members during the treatment of patients. Not all mistakes and injuries will rise to the level of abuse and neglect, so it’s important to understand whether you have a claim.

Pursuing Legal Action
If your Tampa nursing home abuse attorney feels your nursing home claim is actionable, several things can happen. Their may be an insurance policy that covers the nursing home or medical professionals in the even of malpractice. If so, your attorney can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance adjuster and ensure that you provide supporting documentation for the injuries and events.

When a Lawsuit Becomes Necessary
If the insurance company does not offer a reasonable settlement figure, your attorney can discuss whether it’s in your or your loved one’s best interest to pursue the claim in court. If so, your attorney will investigate who may be legally at fault for the injuries. This may include a staff member, doctor, nurse, the facility itself or any other individual responsible for the abuse and neglect. Your attorney can then prepare the necessary paperwork to file a lawsuit and serve it on the defendants named. Your case may still settle even after a lawsuit is filed. Your attorney can explain every step of the process.

To protect your loved one and pursue your legal options in the event of abuse, contact a knowledgeable Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss your case. Call the law offices of Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399 to set up an appointment.

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