Types of Nursing Home Abuse, Part 1

St Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyerThere are several different types of negligence and abuse that can occur in nursing homes. In this blog, a St Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney explains what some of these are.

Categories of Abuse and Neglect

The types of neglect and abuse that occur most often can be placed under several major headings. When confronted with a case of nursing home abuse, your St Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyer must first look at what specific type of offense is being charged and handle the situation accordingly. The primary categories most often seen are as follows:

• Medical malpractice, also called “professional negligence”: When dealing with this type of case, the actions taken by your St Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyer will be affected by the malpractice laws that are in effect at the state and national level and their associated statutes of limitations, time restrictions for filing and notice requisites. These are not the same in malpractice cases as they are for other types of willful harm or negligence.

• “Elder Abuse Act” related claims: This legislation, enacted in several states, is designed to safeguard older people from harm or negligence. It may also be referred to as “The Elder Abuse and Dependent Adults Civil Protection Act.” These laws set the definitions for “neglect,” “abuse,” and set forth the requirements for positive verification. They also outline what kinds of damages may be appropriate.

Don’t Let Someone You Love Become A Victim

If you suspect that neglect or abuse of someone dear to you is taking place in a nursing home, you should act immediately. Contact Peter Giroux, your St Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney, by calling (727) 895-5399 today. Don’t wait. Call now.

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