Signs of Malnutrition

Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyersNursing homes across the country are entrusted with the care of our elderly loved ones. Such a responsibility should not be taken for granted, but all too often news stories reveal cases of abuse in the very facilities where our parents and grandparents are supposed to be kept from danger and taken proper care of. If you find that your loved one has been neglected, call authorities immediately and then hire Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers to help you build a civil case.

A Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm on Why Residents Don’t Eat

Nursing home staff has the responsibility to make sure residents are provided balanced and healthy foods and that they actually eat. Your Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers will tell you that often residents don’t eat on their own without assistance. There are a number of reasons for this:

• The resident is unable to feed herself.
• The resident is depressed and refuses.
• Parkinson’s disease victims have a hard time holding utensils.
• Residents with dementia may simply forget how to eat or that they even should.
• Resident may have dental pain or poor fitting dentures.
• Residents often have digestive disorders which disallow digestion of nutrients.
• Resident may be confused and disoriented.

Nursing homes are notoriously understaffed, and often residents do not receive adequate attention. However, there is no excuse for failing to oversee residents to make sure that they have the nutrition and care necessary for their health. It is estimated that approximately one-third of nursing home residents are unable to eat without assistance. They may need help with utensils, or they may need their food prepared specially, such as chopped up or pureed, in order to accommodate their limitations.

Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers on Signs of Malnutrition

Anyone who has a loved one living in a nursing home should be concerned about their well-being and alert to any signs that they are not being properly cared for. One cannot simply rely on having the patient tell them that they aren’t eating. Many residents are unable to communicate well. Others may be afraid of retribution from abusive staff. Your Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers will advise you to watch for the following signs:

• Decrease in muscle mass
• Diminishment of bone strength
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Bedsores
• Infections and other health problems
• Unexplained loss of weight
• Pale or dry lips
• Confusion
• Eyes are sunken
• Hair is thinning
• Lethargy
• Headaches

One study revealed that on average one-third to one-half of nursing home residents are under their ideal weight. This can be a problem especially among the elderly, for when a person falls ill they generally burn up reserve fat and other tissues. If the resident has no extra weight he may become dangerously thin and sickly with an illness.

Work with a Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm If You Suspect Malnutrition

If you have reason to believe your loved one is suffering from malnutrition due to negligence, it is incumbent upon you to hire Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers who will right for the victim’s rights. Call Peter Giroux today to arrange a consultation at (727) 895-5399.

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