Protection Against Abuse

Tampa nursing home abuse attorney

Given the many cases of nursing home abuse that come to light these days, families who need to place a loved one understandably will be concerned. A Tampa nursing home abuse attorney will tell you that there are certain measures you can take to minimize the chances of your loved one falling victim to abuse.

If You Are Looking for a Facility

If you have not yet placed your father, mother or other relative in a nursing home or are seeking a better one, there are steps you can take that can help protect him or her from abuse. Your Tampa nursing home abuse law firm may have a list of facilities of known offenders, so you can begin by checking with them.

Next, you should pay visits to several that look promising. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to staff. In fact, make a list of questions to ask so that you don’t forget an important one during your first visit. The many important considerations include the following.

• Staff: Ask about number of employees, nurse to resident ratio, training and qualifications, and whether the same staff work there each day.
• Safety: Make sure the home is licensed by the state and is Medicare/Medicaid certified. Also, ask whether doors are kept locked at night, when they had their last fire inspection, whether residents get vaccinations, and how valuable belongings of residents are kept safe.
• Quality of Life: You want to make sure that meaningful activities are available for your loved one. Ask about recreational and religious activities. What are the visiting hours? Do residents have a stay in when they eat, bathe and sleep?

Protecting Your Loved One Who Is Currently in a Facility

There are measures you can take to protect your loved one if he or she is already living in a nursing home. Your Tampa nursing home abuse attorney will tell you that a key to protecting your loved one is making the staff aware that you are keeping your eye on them. Pay visits at odd times. If you just visited your father this morning, stop by this afternoon without calling first. If you can speak with other residents, do so. Also, note any changes in your loved one’s behavior or demeanor. If he seems suddenly withdrawn and depressed, this is a telling sign that something is not quite right.

Call a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm Today

If you would like more information on how to protect your loved one in a nursing home or are concerned that abuse has occurred, talk with a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney today. Call Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399.

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