Overmedication in Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Tampa Did you know that countless Americans living in nursing homes are given the wrong medications, or are being over medicated? Despite federal guidelines in place to protect patients and ensure that they are given proper medication, overmedication is still a serious issue, especially among the sick and elderly. Sadly, many cases go unreported. If you or someone that you love currently resides in a nursing home, and you suspect that the nursing home staff is guilty of overmedication, you need to call a nursing home neglect lawyer in Tampa without delay.

Signs of Overmedication
The signs of overmedication include, but are not limited to:

  • Sudden changes in behavior;
  • Decrease in energy;
  • Oversleeping;
  • Unexplained increase in dosage of prescribed medicine;
  • Increased memory loss; and
  • Patient confusion.

If you have noticed any of the signs above, call a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney.

Reasons for Overmedication
While most nursing homes do their best to provide good care, many accidents, including overmedication, can and do occur because of mistakes on the part of untrained or poorly trained staff. In other instances, a complaining or “difficult” patient may be overmedicated deliberately in order to subdue him or her so as to make it easier on overworked staff. No matter the reason, a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney can help you put a stop to the abuse.

Abusive and negligent nursing home staff should be held criminally accountable for their actions involving the mistreatment of your or your loved one. You might also be entitled to monetary relief for harm suffered and/or punitive damages. In some instances, it is necessary to have the facility shut down to protect other victims. Each case is unique; call a nursing home neglect lawyer in Tampa to discuss your options.

Contact a Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer in Tampa Before It Is Too Late
Overmedication is a serious matter that could result in permanent injury or the death of someone that you love. Often where there is one victim there are many. If you suspect a nursing home of overmedication, call Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399.

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