Nursing Home Simple Neglect

Tampa nursing home abuse lawyerNegligence in nursing homes is very common nowadays, unfortunately. These facilities often are overcrowded and lack sufficient staffing, and, therefore, adequate attention to the needs of residents suffers. A Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer can help if you believe your loved one is a victim of neglect.

Neglect and Abuse

Abuse and neglect are not interchangeable terms. An attorney at your Tampa nursing home abuse law firm can explain in greater detail the distinction. In essence, abuse suggests an act that is intentional and meant to cause harm. Neglect, in contrast, results from substandard treatment. All personal injury and nursing home abuse law cases hinge upon the notion of duty of care. By the fact of their position in the home staff members are encumbered with this duty. Negligence occurs when this duty of care is breached and injury to the resident results.

Kinds of Neglect in the Nursing Home

Each nursing home neglect case is different, but they can all be categorized by one of the following types:

• Neglect of personal hygiene: Staff fails to keep the patient clean by brushing her teeth, bathing her or providing clean laundry.
• Neglect of basic needs: Basic needs include food, water and a clean and safe living environment. Staff fails to feed the patient an adequate amount of food, meals are not nutritionally balanced and bedding isn’t changed regularly; these are common examples.
• Neglect of medical needs: Neglected patients often have bed sores or develop infections.
• Neglect of social and emotional needs: All humans need social interaction and emotional fulfillment. A neglected resident may be left alone for long periods, kept isolated from others or even treated badly by staff.

Signs of Neglect to Look For

Your Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer will tell you that you should not rely on your loved one to tell you that he/she is being neglected. Residents often fear retaliation by staff. Moreover, in some cases they may not want you to worry. The following are signs that neglect is occurring:

• Withdrawn behavior/change in demeanor or personality
• Lack of interaction with staff
• Lack of interaction with other residents
• Weight loss
• Change in personal appearance or hygiene
• Presence of bedsores
• Bruises suggesting falls

Call a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm

If you believe that your loved one has been neglected and has suffered as a result, it is very important that you contact a Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer who will fight for him or her. Call Peter Giroux today at (727) 895-5399.

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