Nursing Home Neglect: Talking about Abuse

Tampa Nursing Home Neglect LawyerThe sad truth is that many elderly people are very much against living in a nursing home. After moving in, some complain about everything, and some say little and withdraw. No matter which path your loved one takes, if they talk about abuse or neglect in any way, shape or form, a Tampa nursing home attorney understands that it should be taken seriously.

The Reality of Nursing Home Life

The relinquishment of control is the biggest issue a nursing home resident has to deal with, according to an experienced Tampa nursing home attorney. While there are many different options for the level of care, a resident needs to rely on others for certain basic needs and must interact with other people, even if that would otherwise not be their choice.

The Staff

Not every resident will like every staff member. However, a Tampa nursing home law firm emphasizes how important it is to investigate a regular complaint about a particular staff member. Although it may be a simple matter of a personality conflict, it may also be far more serious.

Other Residents

Depending on the facility and the nature of the care the resident is receiving, there are varying opportunities for interaction with other nursing home residents. Far too often, the nursing home fails to confine certain residents who are threatening and who may potentially do physical harm to another resident.

Listen to Your Loved One and Be Observant

You must be your loved one’s advocate; they depend on you to protect them. Listen to what they say and monitor what occurs during your visits. Visit often, at different times of day and unannounced. Filter the concerns he or she may have about their new reality from real nursing home abuse concerns. You are their only protector. Take that role seriously.

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Law Firm for Legal Advice

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