Nursing Home Neglect: Sepsis

Tampa nursing home neglect attorneySepsis is a bacterial infection that can be fatal if left untreated. An occurrence of sepsis may be a warning sign of nursing home neglect.

How Sepsis Occurs

Sepsis can occur when an underlying infection, which may have been preventable in the first place, goes unattended or untreated. Sepsis affects the bloodstream of the individual, which is why it poses such serious danger. Some of the symptoms a Tampa nursing home neglect law firm warns to look for include:

• Discolored skin
• Rapid heartbeat
• Shaking
• Dehydration
• Confusion
• Fever
• Chills

Left untreated, septic shock can follow, leading to extremely low blood pressure, organ damage or death.

Underlying Causes

Some vulnerable spot in the body is the source from where the bacterial infection enters the bloodstream. From experience, a Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer understands nursing home residents are susceptible to infection from:

• Bed sores and skin ulcers; when an individual is bed ridden or incapacitated, they are vulnerable. Frequent turning or repositioning is the best method to prevent the development of bed sores. Once affected, it is important to inspect and clean the skin daily, protect the skin and manage incontinence.
• Catheters and intravenous lines; both must be inspected daily, at the minimum, and changed when required. Even a small leakage at the point of contact increases the potential for infection.
• Surgical wounds; surgical wounds require constant monitoring. Such areas are particularly vulnerable to a sepsis infection because of easy access to the blood system from the open wound.

Signs to Look For

When visiting a loved one in a nursing home, there are certain signs that can be indicative of a larger problem of neglect that increases the possibility of infection. Among those are the following:

• Is your loved one wearing the same clothes several days in a row?
• Do the bed linens appear soiled?
• Do the bathrooms appear as if they have been regularly cleaned and disinfected?
• Does the staff seem inattentive?
• Does the staff seem overwhelmed with too many residents to care for?

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer for Legal Advice

You must be the advocate for your loved one. If you have any reason to suspect nursing home neglect, call Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399.

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