Mistakes And Deliberate Wrongdoing

St Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyerEveryone makes mistakes. After all, we are all human. However, when mistakes cause harm to a resident in a nursing home, an experienced St Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyer can act on the patient’s behalf.

Cases of Deliberate Wrongdoing

Where there is deliberate neglect, abuse, fraud or some other type of intentional wrongdoing on the part of a nursing home, punitive damages may be added to the damages already sought. The Association of Trial Lawyers of America presented a seminar that included a slide show depicting extreme and deliberate misbehavior. In quite a few of these cases, punitive damages were awarded.


Claims involving simple negligence are quite frequent. Normally, these tend to be fairly minor and the nursing home will plead a variety of excuses intended to divert the responsibility from themselves or their staff to someone or something else. Cases in which a resident trips over something or slips on a wet floor and falls happen so often that many nursing homes have had a great deal of practice in mounting a defense.

Claims Involving Prescription Medications

Pharmaceuticals should be dispensed only by qualified personnel who have the educational background and training to do so safely. A nursing home that allows unqualified staff members to give patients their medicine risks the health and lives of their patients. Many medications, if improperly administered, can cause dangerous side effects or even death. You and your St Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney should carefully trace exactly who had charge of the claimant’s medications, who prescribed them and who administered them.

Seek Justice Today

If someone you care for has experienced either wilful abuse or been the inadvertent victim of mistakes on the part of nursing home staff, contact your St Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyer by calling Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399 today.

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