Internet Fraud in Nursing Homes

Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Attorney People are living longer, which has lead to an increase in our elderly population. Unfortunately, criminals are aware of this fact, and they often target senior citizens for Internet fraud. Seniors in nursing homes are often more likely to be targeted, due to failing mental or physical health, which makes them particularly vulnerable, or because friends and family are not around to protect them from predatory nursing home staff. If you or someone that you love has been the victim of Internet fraud or identity theft, contact a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney today.

What Kinds of Internet Theft Should I Be Aware of?

A Tampa nursing home neglect attorney knows that elderly people in nursing homes are often target for the following kinds of scams:

  • Email Scams: Never open suspicious emails or emails from unknown parties;
  • Tax Fraud: Protect your personal information to prevent crooks from
    collecting tax returns in your name;
  • Identity Theft: Check your credit report every year. Nursing home staff often
    gain access to personal information and commit fraud in the
    victim’s name; and
  • Phone Fraud: Never give credit card or personal information to anyone that
    calls offering fake getaways, selling products or posing as a
    government official.

Is the Nursing Home Responsible for Protecting Its Occupants From Internet Theft?

Nursing homes owe elderly residents a duty of care. If the nursing home fails to take reasonable steps to protect its residents, they could be liable. Reasonable steps include not giving personal information away without your permission, never leaving personal information/paperwork laying around and doing back ground checks on staff. If your nursing home breaches its duty of care, you could have a Tampa nursing home neglect case against the home. While filing a lawsuit is never fun, it could be necessary to protect your identity, and the identity of other potential victims.

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Attorney If Your Identify Has Been Compromised

If you live in a nursing home and have been the victim of Internet fraud, you could have a strong Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Case. Contact attorney Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399.

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