Hidden Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

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It is troubling to consider how often nursing home neglect and abuse occurs; recent studies reported by a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney indicate as many as one in three nursing homes have been cited for elder abuse violations. Perhaps even more disturbing are estimates that only one of five such incidents are reported. It is imperative, therefore, to know what signs of nursing home neglect to look for.

Without question, as an individual ages, they are more susceptible to injury, mental deterioration and emotional changes. Yet, as a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney cautions, each of these may be due to caretaker neglect rather than inevitable consequences of aging.

Physical Injuries
Multiple fractures or broken bones should be cause for concern. A properly run nursing home will make an assessment of each resident and develop a care plan accordingly. Bed rails, safety grips in bathrooms and assistance when ambulatory can greatly reduce the risk of falling. The causes of bruises or other marks on the body, including bed sores, should be promptly investigated.

Personal Hygiene
If a nursing home resident appears unkempt, if their clothes or bedding appear soiled or otherwise unclean, this can be a symptom of a larger problem.

Emotional Changes
When an elderly resident loses hope, it is not unusual for a Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer to observe withdrawal. This can take many forms, such as agitation, crying or fear. Any change in attitude, demeanor or appetite may be a red flag.

Listen to Your Loved One
It is not unusual for nursing home residents to complain; after all, it is a very difficult adjustment for most people to make. Even if they cannot articulate exactly what is wrong, it is important to pay attention to what they say.

Be Their Advocate
Although no one can be present every day, it is important to visit, visit often and visit at different times. Pay attention to how staff members interact with residents and how residents interact with each other.

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