Head Injuries in the Nursing Home

Tampa nursing home lawyerHead injuries are very common among the elderly, especially with individuals who are in failing health. Many of these injuries result from falling. Not all head injuries are attributable to abuse, but some most definitely are. If your loved one has received a head injury in a nursing home and you believe negligence/abuse is the cause, it is imperative that you speak with a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney.

Falls Among the Elderly

A Tampa nursing home abuse attorney will tell you that falls are one of the chief causes of head injuries among the elderly. When a person falls, often his head strikes furniture on the way down. In some cases the patient hits his head on the floor. The Centers for Disease Control conducted a study in 2005 on falls and the elderly. The results were disturbing. In the year of the study 56,000 individuals over age 65 in the nation needed hospitalization due to falls. There were 8,000 deaths from falls.

Head injuries are not always obvious. The patient does not always have a bump or black and blue marks to indicate that a fall took place. Some residents in nursing homes, indeed, are either unable to let someone know that they have been hurt, or they are too frightened to do so. They may fear retaliation by staff if they report abuse, or they may simply be too advanced in their senility.

Head Injuries and Nursing Home Abuse

Head injuries from neglect can occur in a variety of ways in nursing homes, including:

• Improperly medicating the resident
• Use of improper restraints on the bed
• Improperly transporting the resident
• Failure to monitor the resident when they are mobile
• Slip and falls

It is a sad commentary on our nursing care system that, all too often, staff members in nursing homes intentionally cause head and other injuries to patients. Nursing facilities are entrusted with the precious task of caring for our elderly loved ones. If you believe that abuse has occurred and your loved one is hurt, you need first to get medical help, and then possibly contact the police. You should also call a Tampa nursing home abuse law firm.

Call a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm if You Suspect Abuse

If you believe your loved one has received a head injury because of neglect/abuse in a nursing facility, it is very important that you get help immediately. You should also call a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney, for you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Call Peter Giroux today to arrange a consultation at (727) 895-5399.

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