Hillsborough County nursing home lawyerOne of the primary reasons that compel families to place a loved one in a nursing home is the danger of falling at home. Sadly, in many cases, the risk of falling in a nursing home may be as great or greater.

A Tampa nursing home attorney, citing statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, indicates:
• Each year, the typical nursing home with between 100 to 200 beds reports at least 100 falls, and many falls go unreported.
• Each year, between one-half and three-quarters of all nursing home residents fall, which is twice the rate for seniors living independently.

Causes of Falling
Nursing home residents are in danger of falling primarily due to frailties associated with aging. Any physical conditions they suffer from, such as foot or leg problems or neurological issues, make walking risky. The effects of some medications can cause unsteadiness, especially where a combination of medicines is involved. An experienced Tampa nursing home attorney understands that the greatest risk of falling is whenever the individual changes position; going from the bed to a wheelchair, getting on and off the commode and merely standing from a sitting position pose risks.


How a Nursing Home can Prevent Falling
Although falls are inevitable, there are many ways a nursing home can reduce the frequency of falls by:
• Creating a safe environment in the nursing home. Beds should be kept low to allow the residents to get in and out easily; bathrooms should have grab bars and raised seats; hallways should be well lit, wide, have handrails and be free of moisture and debris; and canes and walkers should be properly fit for each individual.
• Properly training the staff to remain attentive to the needs of the residents. Any unsteadiness observed in a resident should be reported to the medical staff. Staff members should promptly respond to resident calls; when residents have to wait, they often try to get up on their own.
• Regular assessments; residents should be evaluated when they enter the nursing home and regularly thereafter to determine if they are at risk of falling.

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