Common Infections Due to Nursing Home Neglect

Tampa nursing home negligence attorneyAs people get older, their bodies begin to break down, and they become more susceptible to illnesses and infections. However, there is no excuse for a resident in a nursing home to suffer from an infection needlessly because a staff member was negligent. If your loved one has developed an infection due to such negligent care, contact a Tampa nursing home negligence attorney right away.

A Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Attorney on Negligent Treatment

The fact of diminishing health among aging seniors is no excuse for nursing staff to behave negligently. Indeed, they should be all the more diligent in making sure that the resident receives proper care to prevent infection. Far too often, though, they do not, at which point it is time to bring a Tampa nursing home negligence attorney into the picture. A common complaint of nursing staff is that they are short-handed. If a nursing facility does not provide adequate staff to accommodate the needs of the residents, it can be sued.

A Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Attorney on Common Infections in Facilities

Infections can be spread in a variety of ways—through the air, in foods and water that are consumed, from being touched by another or from unclean bedding, clothing and bath facilities. When you meet with your Tampa nursing home negligence attorney, he will discuss the nature of the infection with you and possible ways it was contracted. It is important that your attorney establish a direct causal link between the infection and negligence on staff members’ parts.

Gastrological Infections

Gastroenteritis and other maladies occur many times due to bacterial organisms entering the intestines and stomach. Your Tampa nursing home attorney will ask you for symptoms of infection, such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and a general malaise. There are numerous gastrological forms of infection, but Noro Viruses are the most common.


Staph infections can invade the body through touch, injection or even be passed in the air. Staph infections are particularly virulent and, unfortunately, are very common. Without treatment a patient can eventually die from staph, and the suffering is considerable. Staph does not always manifest itself in obvious ways, but, usually, there is some sort of inflammation in the contaminated area. Staph patients are almost always isolated until better, and hospital care is almost always necessary. Your Tampa nursing negligence lawyer may hire a private investigator who will conduct a surprise inspection of the facility.


It is a mistake to minimize the seriousness of the common flu. Every year hundreds of individuals in this country die from the flu. Influenza strikes the elderly with particular severity. Your Tampa nursing home attorney will ask you questions about exposure from other residents and work to establish how your loved one contracted the flu.

Work with a Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer if Your Loved One Falls Ill

If your loved one has become ill with an infection because of inadequate treatment or other negligence in a nursing home, it is extremely important that you seek out representation from an experienced and dedicated Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer. Call Peter Giroux today to arrange a consultation at (727) 895-5399.

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