Choosing a Care Facility

St. Petersburg nursing home attorneyIn order to help prevent your loved one from experiencing nursing home abuse, it is important that you take steps to ensure that your loved one is staying in a quality home. Here are a few tips that your St. Petersburg nursing home attorney might give you.

Selecting a Nursing Home

Your St. Petersburg nursing home attorney may give you some pointers on locating a quality facility. For example, you should look for a facility that is well-staffed and that appears that it has the equipment necessary to ensure that the residents’ needs will be met. You may also be able to check for any reviews or complaints regarding the nursing home.

Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Your St. Petersburg nursing home attorney may inform you that there are alternatives to nursing homes that may better meet your loved one’s needs. These alternatives include the following:

Assisted Living Facilities

These facilities typically provide elderly residents with their own apartments or rooms in a community. They provide meals in a common area, and often schedule social activities for the community residents. However, they may provide only limited medical services to the residents.

Group Homes

These homes are similar to assisted living communities, but they tend to be smaller in scale. For example, rather than living in an apartment, a group home may provide a few rooms out of a larger home. Group homes may provide assistance to residents by helping them bathe, dress, and go to the restroom.

If you would like more information on choosing the best care facility for a family member or loved one, contact St. Petersburg nursing home lawyer Peter Giroux by calling (727) 895-5399.

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