Nursing Home Abuse: Why It’s Not Reported and Its Consequences

Nursing home neglect is devastating to both the victim and his or her loved ones. Sadly, it often goes unreported. However, as a knowledgeable Tampa nursing home neglect attorney can explain, the individual or individuals responsible for that neglect are subject to both criminal and civil penalties.

A Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer on Neglect and the Consequences

Neglect is often very difficult to detect, and those responsible for that neglect often control access to the victim. If you have any reason to suspect neglect of a loved one in a nursing home, you need an experienced Tampa nursing home attorney on your side. Not only will your loved one be vindicated, but the nursing home facility will have a price to pay for its malfeasance.

A Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer Discusses Why Neglect Issues Are Often Unreported

Clearly in many cases, the resident victim, as a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney often sees, has no voice; that is, the victim may be unable to communicate or may have no one to communicate with to report the neglect. In other cases, the relationship between the victim and the family has so deteriorated that the victim does not complain. As a Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer can attest, sometimes the victim chooses to suffer in silence.

The Consequences of Neglect Explained by a Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

Tampa nursing home neglect attorneyThe consequences of neglect do not fall only upon the nursing home facility. Florida law requires staff members to report nursing home violations as well. Your Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer can tell you that the potential issues for a facility found to be in violation of Florida laws include:

  • Extensive civil monetary fines
  • Potential criminal charges
  • Potential permanent closing of the facility

Call a Tampa Nursing Home Lawyer for Legal Counsel

Nursing home neglect is primarily an emotional and personal issue that takes its toll on all involved. But make no mistake; there are legal remedies available to put an end to the neglect. Call Tampa nursing home neglect attorney Peter Giroux at 727-895-5399 today. The initial consultation is free.

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