A Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Discusses Allowing a Resident to Wander

Tampa nursing home negligence lawyerIt is essential that a nursing home evaluated and provided for each resident’s needs. Equally important is assessing the risk factors for each residents based upon their physical and mental conditions. A failure to do so can be considered negligence. A Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer can provide more information regarding this issue.

Most nursing home residents have the freedom to leave their room and travel, with some limitations, as a Tampa nursing home negligence attorney can explain, throughout the facility. Sometimes the area is confined to a central group area adjacent or nearby their room, and sometimes it may be the entire floor on which their room is located. However, not all residents should have such freedom.

A Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Explains the Dangers of Wandering

There are two primary risk factors for certain residents:

  • The resident may be prone to becoming confused and disoriented, which can lead to agitation and perhaps anger
  • The resident may be incapable of negotiating stairs, become fatigued if walking too long or any other physical limitation that make falling more likely

One other issue a Tampa nursing home negligence attorney warns of is that the resident may in fact wander out of the facility completely, which obviously poses a serious danger to the resident.

A Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Explains the Nursing Home’s Responsibility

Initially, a proper evaluation and assessment is required. Based upon the findings, some residents may be determined to be prone to wandering, and the facility should have a protocol to address that issue. Your Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer will caution that absent extreme circumstances, it is not acceptable to physically restrain a resident at all times, but there are steps that should be taken, such as:

  • Adequate staff to monitor the number of residents
  • Alarms on doors
  • Locks on doors
  • Security cameras
  • Placing high risk patients near nursing stations

If a nursing home fails to provide adequate safety measures, a Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer can explain that that nursing home may be liable for any injuries sustained by the resident.

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Negligence Attorney for Legal Counsel

Your loved one has a right to proper care. That includes anticipating their needs. For all nursing home concerns, call Peter Giroux, a Tampa nursing home negligence lawyer, at 727-895-5399.

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