A Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer on Theft in Nursing Homes

As much as we would like to believe that our loved one is safe and secure in a nursing home, that is not always the case. To learn more about nursing home neglect and abuse, a Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer can help.

Theft of Personal Property

Tampa nursing home neglect lawyerJust as in any communal living arrangement, the security of personal possessions can be an issue. The fact that many elderly nursing home residents are mentally unaware or physically challenged further exacerbates this problem, as a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney can explain. Among the most common items subject to theft include:

  • Clothing
  • Televisions
  • Jewelry
  • Food
  • Money

As bad as the loss of personal property can be for a resident, a Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer warns of a greater danger.

Identity Theft

Identity theft has been on the rise in recent years. Elderly individuals are perhaps more vulnerable than most, and even more so if they are confined in a nursing home.

As a Tampa nursing home neglect attorney will explain, most identity thieves need very little information to hack into a person’s accounts. Too many nursing homes fail to guard private information. For example, a Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer sees far too often that a resident’s Social Security number is openly printed on wrist bands and openly readable charts. Further exacerbating elderly residents’ vulnerability is that they are more often unfamiliar with computer technology, making checking accounts for unauthorized activity more difficult.

Steps That Can Be Taken

It is important to initially investigate and choose the right nursing home. Make sure the facility has an established policy of tracking the inventory of the resident and has means to safeguard private data. As your Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer ultimately understands, it is your obligation to stay vigilant and act as the advocate for your loved one. Visit often and keep your eyes open.

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Neglect Attorney for Legal Counsel

Nursing home patients are extremely vulnerable to abuse, including theft. If you have any reason to suspect a lack of proper care, call Tampa nursing home neglect lawyer Peter Giroux at 727-895-5399.

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