A Tampa Nursing Home Lawyer on Reporting Elder Abuse

Tampa nursing home attorneyNursing home residents have a legal right to receive proper care, and as their loved one and advocate, you should expect nothing less. The sad reality a Tampa nursing home attorney understands all too well is that elder abuse in nursing homes is increasing.

Recognizing the Signs
First of all, a key to awareness is regular contact and visits. Additionally, be observant of what goes on at the facility. If you see any sign of physical abuse, emotional changes (e.g. withdrawal, fear) or are told by your loved one of a problem, a Tampa nursing home attorney emphasizes to take it seriously and file a report with the authorities.

The Importance of a Detailed Report
In all likelihood you did not observe the abuse first hand, so you will not have all the facts. However, the more precise you are, the more you will assist in any investigation. A Tampa nursing home attorney instructs that the report should contain the following:

  • Who the victim is and who you suspect the perpetrator may be;
  • What happened, specific details of the nature of the abuse and any evidence of the signs you may have, such as photos or torn or bloody clothing;
  • Where the abuse occurred. Include not merely the name of the facility, but do your best to cite where in the facility the incident took place; and
  • When the incident occurred. To the best of your ability, provide a timeline or a range of possible times each incident of abuse transpired.

A Tampa nursing home lawyer cautions that general accusations in a report unsubstantiated by as much detail as possible may go uninvestigated.

A Tampa Nursing Home Attorney on Potential Abusers
Most people realize the nursing home staff or volunteer workers may be obvious suspects, but fellow residents and the family and friends who visit may also be responsible. An experienced Tampa nursing home attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Seek the Legal Counsel of a Tampa Nursing Home Lawyer
Filing a report may not be enough. If you are suspicious of any impropriety that concerns your loved one, call Peter Giroux, a Tampa nursing home attorney, at (727) 895-5399.

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