A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney on Assault and Battery

Tampa nursing home abuse attorneySome forms of nursing home abuse are a result of a lack of care, but physical abuse through assault and battery is even more egregious.

Defining Assault and Battery
Simply stated, assault is the threat of physical harm, and battery involves actual physical contact. In either case, as a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney reports, the victim is often unable to fend off any unwarranted attacks and suffers a loss of self-respect and dignity as a result.

The Tell-Tale Signs of Physical Abuse
A reality of aging is deterioration in physical health. Accidents like falling and the resultant physical bruising and other outward signs are inevitable. However, as a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney cautions, some warning signs of abuse may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts or bruises in unusual places
  • Cuts or bruises recurring in the same place
  • Behavioral changes, such as withdrawal, lack of interest or fear

A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer on the Abusers
The nature of life in a communal living arrangement, such as a nursing home, places each resident in regular contact with a variety of people. A knowledgeable Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer too often sees assault and battery perpetrated by:

  • A violent nursing home employee who has not been properly screened for employment and has a history of abuse
  • An undertrained or overwhelmed nursing home employee who is attempting to control a difficult resident
  • A fellow nursing home resident who is not properly controlled by the nursing home staff

The Nursing Home’s Responsibilities
Fundamental problems with far too many nursing homes, as an experienced Tampa nursing home abuse attorney reports, is understaffing, improper training of staff, failure to develop a proper protocol for evaluating potentially violent residents and covering up when a problem occurs.

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer for Legal Advice
Many nursing home residents cannot speak for themselves. You must be their advocate. For any concerns regarding the care of your loved one, call Peter Giroux, a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney, at (727) 895-5399.

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