A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Discusses Standards of Care

As a retirement home destination, Florida has a significant percentage of its population that may at some point require care in a nursing home. A Tampa nursing home abuse attorney can address any concerns you have regarding the care your loved one is receiving.

A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney on Nursing Home Abuse Laws

The Florida Department of Health regulates the standards under which nursing homes operate. A Tampa nursing home abuse attorney will explain that while your loved one may have specific needs, each resident in a nursing home has a legal right to a basic standard of living and care.

A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Explains the Term “Sanitary Conditions”

Tampa nursing home abuse attorneyFundamentally, a Florida resident of a nursing home has a right to live in “sanitary conditions” which, as explained by a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney, includes:

  • Clean clothes
  • Clean linens, changed regularly
  • Living areas free of dirt and debris
  • Sanitized living quarters
  • Sufficient lighting
  • Operable air conditioning and heat
  • Access to sanitary drinking water
  • Access to hot water

A Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Discusses Other Standards of Care

In addition, each nursing home is required to maintain a proper staff of professional health care professionals and trained care providers. For example, at least one of the following, with proper credentials and a current license, must be available at each nursing home facility:

  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Dietician

Furthermore, as a Tampa nursing home abuse attorney can explain, nursing assistants and care providers must have a minimum number of educational units completed before they are legally permitted to work in a nursing home facility, and each staff member must pass a criminal background check, as well as be current on all immunizations.

Contact a Tampa Nursing Home Abuse Attorney for Legal Assistance

These are minimum standards that must be maintained. If your loved one requires special care, as most elderly patients do, or in the worst case scenario you suspect that some abuse is occurring, you need the counsel of an experienced Tampa nursing home abuse attorney. Call Peter Giroux at 727-895-5399 today. The initial consultation is free.

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