A Tampa Attorney for Nursing Home Neglect Discusses Delay or Refusal of Visitation

There are few reasons why a nursing home should delay or refuse a visitation. For all nursing home neglect concerns, speak to a Tampa attorney for nursing home neglect.

Visitation Is Important

Tampa attorney for nursing home neglectPlacing your loved one in a nursing home does not mean that you are turning over complete care to the facility. Ideally, as best explained by a Tampa lawyer for nursing home neglect, you should consider this as a partnership, with the goal being the best possible care for the resident. Other than the obvious benefit to the relationship between you and your loved one, regular visits promote:

  • The establishment of a relationship between you and the staff
  • The ability for you to impart to the staff some personal information about how the resident has lived and the things that make him or her comfortable
  • The ability for you to monitor the care the facility gives and be an advocate for the resident, which your Tampa attorney for nursing home neglect will tell you may be the most important reason for regular visits

Legitimate Reasons for Restricting Visitation

Some facilities have established visiting hours, which may or may not apply to immediate family. As a Tampa lawyer for nursing home neglect will advise, this should be on your list when considering which facility is right for your loved one’s needs. Other legitimate reasons for restricted visitation include:

  • Should an infectious disease spread through a certain area of the facility, restrictions may be medically necessary.
  • Should a resident be a danger to himself or others, supervision or barring visits entirely may be appropriate.

However, as a Tampa attorney for nursing home neglect cautions, these are medical reasons that you should have explained to you and be verifiable by the professionals establishing the restrictions.

What Delaying or Restricting Visitation Usually Means

Absent the few legitimate reasons, anything less than full accessibility to the resident typically indicates something less than proper care, which may require the services of a Tampa attorney for nursing home neglect.

Contact a Tampa Lawyer for Nursing Home Neglect for Legal Advice

You need to be your loved one’s advocate. If you have any reason to suspect neglect, call Tampa attorney for nursing home neglect Peter Giroux: 727-895-5399.

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