A St. Petersburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Discusses Types of Nursing Home Abuse

St. Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyerAs the U.S. baby boomer generation begins to age, retire and consider long-term care options, the rate of nursing home abuse has begun to escalate. Sadly, this type of abuse often goes unreported or unsubstantiated, particularly when accusations are made by a patient with Alzheimer’s disease or a similar form of dementia. Abuse can also come in many forms and is not always overt in nature. If your loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse, alert the proper authorities immediately and arrange for the transfer of your family member to a safer environment. From there, consider speaking with a St. Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyer about the possible repercussions and consequences of the nursing home’s action or inaction.

Physical Abuse or Neglect

Physical abuse and neglect involves any form of action or omission causing the patient physical pain. This could range from assault to inattentiveness to the patient’s needs. As a St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney can tell you, patients with unexplained bruises, head injuries, broken bones or fractures, malnourishment, dehydration or missed medication may be enduring physical abuse or neglect at the hands of their caregiver.

Psychological Abuse

A St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney will advise you that a lesser-known form of nursing home abuse involves regular and consistent mental or emotional injury to the patient. This could be in the form of humiliation, degradation, fear or anguish. Patients enduring this type of abuse may be threatened with physical harm, isolated for no reason or belittled, and may manifest symptoms including a withdrawn nature or fear of others.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse in a nursing home involves the unlawful and unauthorized theft of money or assets from the patient. Financial abuse often involves theft of valuable items, such as jewelry or heirlooms, as well as bank withdrawals. A St. Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyer can help you untangle the complexities of nursing home financial abuse and recover as much of your loved ones’ assets as possible.

Sexual Abuse

It is not uncommon for the elderly to fall prey to sexual predators, as many are unable to defend themselves or alert others as to the situation. Patients suffering from sexual abuse may exhibit unexplained bleeding or bruising, behavioral changes, fear of others or depression.

Call a St. Petersburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect any of the above types of abuse are occurring in your loved one’s nursing home facility, St. Petersburg nursing home abuse lawyer Peter Giroux can help you rectify the situation. Call his office today for assistance: 727-895-5399.

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