A Sarasota Nursing Home Law Firm Discusses Identity Theft in Nursing Homes

Identity theft is an increasing problem for all, but elderly residents in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to this crime. Do not let your loved one become a victim. If you believe that your loved one may be at risk, contact a Sarasota nursing home law firm.

Why Nursing Home Residents Are Vulnerable

Sarasota nursing home law firmAs a nursing home law firm in Sarasota is well aware, some factors that make an elderly resident more likely to be a victim of identity theft include:

  • Reliance on the authority of the nursing home. Residents have no choice but to place their trust in the facility they have entered. This reliance as to care and medical treatment often translates to the belief that the nursing home is infallible. And sometimes, as a Sarasota nursing home law firm attorney will caution, the resident is mentally incapable of questioning anything.
  • Unfamiliarity with technology. Many of those residents who have mental clarity are nonetheless not computer savvy; that is, they do not regularly check bank accounts or credit cards to monitor activity.
  • Easy access to personal information. Social Security numbers are printed on Medicare cards and may be used by the nursing home as a resident’s identification number. Resident files are often accessible to all nursing home staff. As a Sarasota nursing home law firm attorney understands, an identity thief does not need much.

A Nursing Home Law Firm in Sarasota Explains the Specific Dangers of Identity Theft

Once armed with the elderly resident’s personal information, an identity thief may:

  • Withdraw money from an existing bank account
  • Fraudulently use an existing credit card account
  • Fraudulently establish a new credit card account
  • Fraudulently take out a personal or business loan

A Sarasota nursing home law firm attorney can tell you that less likely, but potentially more harmful, are cases where the identity thief uses stolen information when contacted by law enforcement. In many cases, a warrant is issued for the unknowing nursing home resident.

Contact a Nursing Home Law Firm in Sarasota for Legal Advice

You must be the advocate for your loved one. If you have suspicions of any financial irregularities, call a Sarasota nursing home law firm and speak to Peter Giroux at (727) 895-5399.

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