A Florida Nursing Home Lawyer on Fighting Defenses to Nursing Home Abuse Charges

Florida nursing home lawyerMany instances of nursing home abuse go unreported, often due to the fact that the elderly resident is incapable of communicating the details of what occurred. That very same inability to communicate allows a nursing home the opportunity to cover up abuse. An experienced Florida nursing home lawyer will not let that happen.

The Reality of Nursing Home Life
As individuals age, it is not uncommon to be afflicted with an ever-increasing assortment of ailments. Since you cannot be there every day to monitor your loved one, you must rely on the nursing home to update you on the resident’s status. Too often, as a Florida nursing home attorney reports, the nursing home is in fact responsible for the affliction and attempts to make it appear as an inevitable age-related issue.

What to Look For
The best advice a Florida nursing home lawyer can provide is to visit often and be observant. Be especially cognizant of:

  • The staff. Pay particular attention to how many are on shift and how attentive they seem to be.
  • Your loved one’s personal hygiene. A Florida nursing home attorney can explain how the lack of care on such a basic level is indicative of larger problems
  • Bruising. Yes, elderly people bruise easily and fall more than younger individuals, but an ongoing pattern suggest something else.
  • Torn or bloody clothing or bed linen. This can be a sign of direct physical abuse.

What the Nursing Home May Be Hiding
A Florida nursing home lawyer will explain that most nursing home staffs are both undermanned and undertrained. Therefore, when an inquiry is made about a resident’s injury, the facility will go to great lengths to appear blameless. A full investigation by a Florida nursing home lawyer will be required to uncover the facts.

Contact a Florida Nursing Home Lawyer for Legal Counsel
You must be your loved one’s advocate. Proper care is their right. If you suspect anything less, call Peter Giroux, a Florida nursing home attorney, at  (727) 895-5399.

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