A Florida Nursing Home Attorney on Negligence and Nursing Home Abuse

Florida nursing home attorneyNegligence is a failure to provide a proper standard of care resulting in an injury to another. Nursing homes have a legal duty to care for their residents, yet a Florida nursing home attorney reports the incidence of nursing home abuse is on the rise in Florida.

The Standard of Care

Each resident of a nursing home is entitled to, at a minimum, a safe, clean environment that:

  • Attends to their basic needs of proper nourishment, hygiene and basic medical care;
  • Assesses their specific health needs; and
  • Provides for their specific health needs.

Ideally, as Florida nursing home lawyer understands, a well-run nursing home can create an atmosphere of community and friendship.

Signs of Negligent Care

Once you have made the difficult decision to place your loved one in a nursing home, the first realization is that you cannot be there all the time. Your Florida nursing home attorney will advise that it is important to visit often and look for some of these indications of neglect:

  • Bed sores
  • Unclean surroundings
  • Improperly prepared meals
  • An irregular presence of staff members

As a Florida nursing home lawyer knows, these symptoms are far too often indicative of a greater, deeper problem.

Signs of Abuse
Many problems beset the elderly; they fall, they contract an ever increasing number of afflictions and their mental clarity diminishes. An experienced Florida nursing home attorney emphasizes the need to distinguish between a natural aging process and nursing home abuse; it is not always easy to do. Look for repeated bruising, broken bones, blood on clothing and a change in the personality of your loved one. All too often, as a Florida nursing home attorney explains, an elderly resident cannot speak for him or herself to communicate the abuse.

Seek the Legal Advice of a Florida Nursing Home Lawyer
If you have any reason to suspect your loved one is not receiving proper care, it is incumbent on you to act. Do not wait. Call  Peter Giroux, a Florida nursing home attorney, at (727) 895-5399.

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